Asia Education Foundation

China's One Child Policy

Using the web, students explore the background and ongoing impact of China's One Child Policy on its citizens. They then design a website that reflects their research, incorporating features of effective website design.

  1. Investigation

    Find and record information about China's One Child Policy. Note that the implementation of the policy is a complex issue, that it has changed over time and that there are widely divergent views about the policy so you will need to be alert to the exact nature of the sources you use and when they have been published.

    • What have been the changes or developments in the policy? Draw up a timeline.
    • What changes have happened in families as a result of the policy?
    • To what extent has the policy been successful in controlling China's population growth?
    • What are some different opinions people hold about the policy?
    • Describe how the policy operates in differing parts of China and sectors of society?
    • What issues have arisen as a result of the implementation of the policy? 

    Research Record

    Draw a table like the one below to record the results of your searches and any good website features you encounter.

     Search WordBest Website(s) for InformationRating ScoreGood Site Features







  2. Designing A Website: 'China: The One Child Family'

    • Compile a list of the best features you found in your web searches and discussed in class. Note which features you would like to use in designing your website.
    • Using this research, design a website framework to present your information on China's One Child Policy.